Cookies Policy

We use cookies on this site for several different reasons. Please read on to see what cookies we store on your computer when you use this site. In all cases all information we gather is only used by us, and is never resold, or used on third party sites. Nor do we read or write cookies to/from third party services.

Cookies we DO use:

  • We use 4 cookies to see how you browse the website. These cookies do not store any personal information about you, or give us any personal information about you. They do not specifically show us what pages you visit on the site and how you use this site. They are used to provide generic information about how all visitors use our site. This information is only used by us.
  • 1 cookie to store the colour theme you choose for the website.
  • 1 cookie to remember if you want to stay logged in.
  • 4 cookies to handle your logged in 'session'. These cookies keep you logged into the site while you browse, and handle things like your premium upgrade level.
  • Up to 8 cookies for the instant messenger if enabled on your account, this allows you to use the instant messenger feature.

Cookies we DON'T use:

  • Any cookies to track you specifically on the website.
  • Any cookies that are passed to or from advertising companies, or to any other third party company.
  • Any cookies which can be used to indicate to a third party that you have visited this website.
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